What is Furnisheet?

We’re an online rental company, and we’re here to offer you easy access to a smarter & better lifestyle. Our service let you rent lifestyle essentials like furniture at an affordable price. Renting is IN, and you too can join the revolution by making the smart choice with Furnisheet.

Is it better to rent furniture or buy?

Renting furniture is often cheaper than buying. Especially if you know for sure you’ll need that furniture for only a short amount of time or your furnishing need may change regularly.

To be honest, it is challenging to carry furniture around.

How much does renting furniture cost?

The cost of renting furniture can vary widely based on the quality of your renting and rental length. You can Rent for as low as N2,000 per piece of rented furniture.

Which cities do you provide your services in?

We’re currently operating in Lagos & Abuja.

  How does it work?

 1. Select Preferred Package Or Item:

2. Choose a subscription period (minimum of 3 months rental period)

3. Make Payment for the first month

4. Order is delivered (within 5-10 working days) and assembled by Furnisheet Agents.

5. Sign Rental Agreement

6. Agent picks Furniture up at the end of the rental period.

What is the minimum duration I can rent for?

Currently, we offer a minimum of 3 months plan for our products; however, payment can be made monthly.

What is a subscription length?

A subscription is a commitment to rent. If you subscribe for 3 months, for example, you are saying you will be renting the furniture for the next 3 months. However, you won’t have to pay a huge chunk of money upfront. You only pay for the first month and the other months will be charged when due.

Is there any free trial policy by which I can try out the rental service for free?

  We don’t have a standard free trial policy; however, we allow selected product customers to try out new products; you can follow our social media pages to learn more. You can also contact our Customer Support Team on 09026628831 or [email protected] for more on this.

What if I damage the product?

  Damage which makes the furniture functionally unusable is chargeable. Furnisheet will decide the amount on a case to case basis. Normal wear and tear, which does not cause functional damage to the products due to usage, is free.

Do I have to pay for delivery and installation?

  The delivery fee varies and can be as low as N1,000 depending on location and the Items being delivered. But, we pick up the products free of cost and as per your schedule.

Installation is free.

Is there an incentive for subscribing for longer periods?

Yes, a subscription of six months and above attracts one month of free subscription, and 12 months gives two extra months.

Do you give Discounts?

  Yes, The packages are already discounted, but discounts are also available for customers who order four or more products. But from time to time we have promos with discount code.

 Can I create my package?

 Yes, you can create a package based on your preference. A package of more than four pieces can carry a discount.

Can I Choose The Delivery Date And Time?

 Of Course, you can choose the date and time. Please coordinate with our Customer Support Team on 09026628831 or [email protected].

Can I Get The Actual Product Picture?

   Our website’s pictures are of the actual products, for more details you can contact on 09026628831 or [email protected].

Is There Any Contract?

   Yes, you are required to sign a contract at the time of delivery. The agreement will include the basic terms of renting furniture in simple words.

What Happens After My Tenure Is Over?

  We would never wish to end the relationship with you. However, if you have decided, we request you to inform us a week before making necessary Product Pick-Up arrangements.

Can I rent a single piece of furniture?

Yes, but monthly minimum requirements may apply.

Can I Purchase The Products Ordered?

Kindly contact us on 09026628831 or [email protected] with your rent to own questions.

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