Rental Agreement



The renter is responsible for the following maintenance of the leased furniture; cleaning, repair of minor damage from ordinary use, and any damage caused by pets.  The lessor is responsible for the following maintenance of the leased furniture; repair of major damage from ordinary use, if without such repairs the furniture is not functional.

Termination by Renter

At the end of the minimum rental period, the renter may at any time terminate the contract. If the renter wishes to continue with the subscription, all the renter has to do is subscribe again and Furnisheet will send a new contract agreement indicating an extension of rental period.

Termination by Furnisheet

This agreement shall at the option of Furnisheet and without notice terminate upon the failure of renter to make every rental payment required herein on or before the date due, or by breach by the renter of any agreement, condition or representation, or if the furniture is removed from the address of the renter shown above.  Renter agrees to allow owner to take immediate possession of its property, and renter shall remain liable for all payments here under to the date of termination.

Late Charges

Payments are automatic and reoccurring and are linked to the debit card provided on the Furnisheet account. A fine of ₦500 is attracted when payment isn’t made 3 days after due date. Furnisheet holds the right to retrieve rented furniture 5 days after payment is due if payment is not received. 


1.  This contract shall not be assigned or transferred by Renter without the prior written consent from Furnisheet but shall be subject to assignment by Furnisheet. No waiver by Furnisheet of any breach by Renter of any of its obligations hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other obligation, nor shall any forbearance by Furnisheet to seek a remedy for any breach by Renter be deemed a waiver by Furnisheet of its rights or remedies with respect to such breach.

2. The rented property is and shall be at all times be and remain the sole exclusive personal property of Furnisheet or its assigns and the Renter shall have no right, title or interest therein or thereto as expressly set forth in this Rental Contract.

3. Upon the expiration or termination of this contract, Renter shall immediately surrender possession of and return said property to Furnisheet; said property shall be free of any and all claims thereto by Renter or any party holding under or making any claims by virtue of Renter.

4. In the event Renter fails to pay in full promptly on due date any monthly rental or other monies owing under this contract; Renter violates or fails to abide strictly by any of the other provisions of this contract; or if Renter becomes bankrupt, or is arrested and held in jail for more than three days, or abandons said property; or it it appears that Renter has moved or is planning to move said property to another address, or has surrendered or is planning to surrender possession of it to a third party, or has otherwise defaulted hereunder; then upon the happening of any one of the said events, and notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 above, Furnisheet shall have the right forthwith and without prior notice to enter any premises where said property is located and take immediate possession of said  property without the necessity of any legal or judicial process; and Renter shall be obligated to reimburse Owner for all expenses related to any reasonable effort to repossess its property including reasonable attorney’s fees.

Renter will be provided the opportunity to inspect said furniture and based upon such inspection acknowledge and agrees that said furniture is in good condition, without any infestations, clean, sanitary, and suitable for the uses contemplated by renter. Renter further acknowledges and agrees that the furniture is provided and rented by Lessor on an “as is” condition and basis with all faults. Renter acknowledges and agrees that Lessor has  not made, does not make and specifically negates and disclaims any  representations, warranties, promises, covenants, agreements or guaranties of any  kind or character whatsoever, whether express or implied, oral or written, past, present or future,of,as to, concerning or with respect to (a) the value, nature, quality or condition of the  furniture; (b) the habitability, merchantability, marketability, profitability or fitness for a particular purpose of the  furniture; (c) the manner or quality of the construction of materials, if any, incorporated into the furniture; (d) the  manner, quality, state of repair or lack of repair of the  furniture; or (e) any  other matter with respect to the furniture.

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