How to make your home office look nice

Whether your target audience is a business traveller, resident guest, or working freelancer, new clients want to feel that “mind-blowing” factor when entering the apartment. Why? Because it gives them an emotional connection.

Here are eight design tips on how to achieve a “mind-blowing” home office furnished apartment rental.

  • Create A Neutral Palette

The offered space should appeal to a broad spectrum of clients. A neutral palette of calm, creamy hues highlighted by pops of complementary colours in art and accessories will establish balance and harmony throughout the apartment.

  • Find High-Quality Furniture

The living room is where your clients will spend most of their time. Choosing high-quality pieces in clean, sophisticated styles are bound to impress. However, following a neutral palette that can be accented with decor that mixes and matches between different patterns and textures will bring out the room’s beauty.

Glam it up with a faux-fur blanket or a luxurious throw. An excellent way to begin is by selecting a sofa style, then browsing many furniture rental accessories online that will work together to create a harmonious colour scheme.

  • Provide a Bedroom Oasis

Choosing a fabulous headboard, gorgeous linens with coordinating pillow arrangements will bring that “luxe feel” to the room. Don’t forget the finishing touches by adding stylish side tables, accent lighting, and accessories.

  • Decorate With Texture and Lighting

Decorating with various textures such as wood, glass, metals, and woven fabrics achieves a look that is both collected and matching. An excellent way to accomplish this is through lighting and accent pieces. When it comes to creating the “mind-blowing” factor, accessories and décor combined correctly is the final icing on the cake to pull everything together in a cohesive design.

Nothing speaks of true luxury more than proper illumination. Think of ambience. A combination of strategically placed table and floor lamps will add maximum warmth and the required lighting for work or relaxation.

  • Make a Statement With Oversized Art

Art has always been associated with luxury. When it comes to creating a focal point and making a room look more expensive, think big! The visual impact of one large piece can instantly add a relaxed, luxe feel. Depending on the room’s size, balance an oversized piece with more minor works on the adjoining walls. Think bold, abstract prints, textures, and mixed media to create focal points above a sofa or headboard.

  • Add Some Luxe With Mirrors and Metallics

Mirrors are big in achieving the luxe factor, too, making spaces feel more substantial, reflecting light, and emphasising views and colours. Much like artwork, they should coincide with the other space pieces as part of the design style. Consider mirrors in a variety of shapes and frame textures with luxurious metallic finishes for full impact. A tall, framed mirror leaning against a wall is the perfect way to expand space and add a practical element for guests.

Nothing adds a touch of glam more than metallic décor. Available in accent furniture, lighting, decorative pieces, metal finishes in gold, silver, or bronze create a unique style and elegant statement.

  • Warm the Space With Rugs

Rugs are essential in adding warmth and texture to a room. They define spaces and make an apartment appear more prominent and unique. No coffee table is complete without one. Depending on your colour scheme, consider a rug with colourful geometric patterns to add that splash of colour or an earthy textured-style layered with an animal print to create an exotic appeal.

Don’t Forget a Touch of Greenery.

A perfect way to complete the design of any room is with greenery. A bouquet of fresh flowers or adding other elements of nature is an ideal way to add atmosphere. Natural green is the preferred way to go, but don’t be hesitant to go “faux.” Today’s artificial foliage accents pieces can be anything from abstract to whimsical, adding their specific elegance.

The Bottom Line

So, if you want to retain resident satisfaction, achieve repeat business, and receive five-star reviews, then bare-bones décor is not going to cut. Consider working with Furnisheet to furnish your home office apartment.

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